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Joost Kircz

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- Research Project on E-readers and E-books

website Amsterdam E-boekenstad and Wiki

An applied research SIA-RAAK project on electronic texts in particular in Education (in Dutch) carried out at the Create-it research cente. at HVA (Univiservity of Applied Research Amsterdam)

- CLiKS: Content-Based Literature Search Using Knowledge and Structure.

The project aims to develop new retrieval models and algorithms for searching and browsing in scientific literature. Two important recent developments in the scientific literature production process form the concrete motivation for this project: (1) semantically rich document structuring standards, and (2) increasingly rich keyword annotations that capture domain knowledge. The driving question underlying this proposal is: How can we use these to improve access to scientific literature? To address this question we propose to use rich probabilistic retrieval models that allow us to capture the relation between document content, document structure, and document-level annotations.
Project leader together with Prof. Dr. Maarten de Rijke. PhD Sudent: Katja Hoffman. Start September 2008.

- Communications in Physics Project

We study the transfer of scientific information in Physics on a fundamental level, without taking technology as a Leitmotiv. We analyze the nature and structure of the information in scientific articles from the complementary points of view of physics and of argumentation theory. Our goal is to propose a new modularity for physics publications that will reflect the possibilities provided by electronic tools. For further information we refer you to a more extensive introduction and our papers .
Co-Supervisor (promotor) PhD project:
Dr. Frédérique Harmsze. A modular structure for scientific articles in an electronic environment. Universiteit van Amsterdam. 9 February 2000.

Maarten C. van der Tol. The Abstract in an Electronic Publishing Environment In progress.

- A semantic web-based scholarly publishing and communication environment: design, implementation and analysis. Erasmus University Rotterdam.

- Collaborative project UKB (Academic Libraries in The Netherlands), IWI (Innovation Scientific Information) and the science publishers Kluwer Academic and Elsevier Science.

Report: Vooronderzoek samenwerkingsproject UKB, IWI, Uitgevers. 6 April 2002. See publications —> reports
Series of workshops (see below)

- European Research Area Expert Group Report on:
Strategic Use and Adaptation of Intellectual Property Rights Systems in Information and Communications Technologies-based Research. March 2003, see: Publications — > Reports.

- Explorative Study: E-based Humanities and E-Humanities on a SURF platform. Commissioned by the SURF-DARE project. June 2004, see: Publications — > Reports.

- Representing Elsevier Science as external project leader in the following projects:

Logic and Language Links

The subject of investigation in the LoLaLi project is a general architecture for environments for electronic dissemination of scientific knowledge of a unifying kind, as traditionally found in a handbook, on the basis of an exemplary architecture for an electronic dissemination environment. The research has as its starting point an in-depth analysis of the Handbook of Logic and Language, edited by Van Benthem and Ter Meulen, and published by Elsevier Science BV in 1997.

PhD Thesis Caterina Caracciolo. Topic Driven Access to Scientific Handbooks. Amsterdam 2008. Available via

Image retrieval in Biomedical Science

A PhD project carried out at the Intelligent Sensory Information Systems Institute of the Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam. PhD student Hoang Anh Minh. This project is now closed.

Global-Info project Germany (1997-1998)
Global Electronic and Multimedial Information Systems for Natural Science and Engineering, an Innovation Programme of the BMBF. Representing Elsevier Science for the Innovation in Scientific Communication pre-consortium.

Empathie project (1997- 1999)
Enzyme and metabolic path information. A research project in the field of Information Extraction carried out by Dr. Robert Gaizauskas and Dr. Kevin Humphreys of the Natural Language Processing group, Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield. UK. This project was co-sponsored by Glaxo-Wellcome and Elsevier Science.


Conference Organisation

Conference Chairman
Boek uit de Band Amsterdam,
22& 23 March 2012

Chairman editorial commitee
The Unbound Book
Amsterdam and Den Haag 19-20-21 May 2011

Conference Chairman
Change and Continuity in Scholarly Communications
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences Amsterdam, 25 June 2001.

Coordinator and technical Chairman
Samenwerkingsproject UKB/IWI/Uitgevers
Dutch workshops on users and usages of electronic journals with many presentations in English (have a look!)
Workshop 1: Gebruik en gebruikers van electronische tijdschriften: de huidige praktijk en toekomstige ontwikkelingen bij bibliotheken en uitgevers: Jaarbeurs, Utrecht. 9 oktober 2002.
Workshop 2: Gebruik en gebruikers van electronische tijdschriften: nieuwe technieken voor zoeken en vinden van informatie bij bibliotheken en uitgevers. Jaarbeurs, Utrecht. 15 oktober 2002.
Workshop 3: Gebruik en gebruikers van electronische tijdschriften: de huidige praktijk en toekomstige ontwikkelingen bij redacties van e-tijdschriften: Jaarbeurs, Utrecht. 10 januari 2003.

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